Indoor Bootcamp LIttle Elm

At OUTLAW BOOTCAMP, we believe that big life changes start by taking action, setting personal goals beginning with small steps that eventually turn into a big leap of transformation. While stepping out of your comfort zone, breaking old habits and learning a new way of life is not always easy, it is vital to the longevity and quality of your overall health & life.

Our mantra is “Strength, Passion, Discipline”; to be successful in reaching your goals you must have the inner strength to overcome your struggles, the passion to take action each and every day, and the self-discipline to be committed in staying on track to meet your goals. At OBC, we strive to be a positive influence in your health, fitness journey and lifestyle and our goal is to work with you throughout your journey towards fitness and strength. We take pride in knowing that we play a significant role in changing the lives of our clients. Why do Outlaw Bootcamp clients keep coming back? Because Outlaw Bootcamp is a fun, upbeat workout that delivers results. It’s an opportunity to work out with an incredible group of people led by fantastic trainers. When you walk into our facilities, you’ll immediately notice our attention to detail. We believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. Our facilities are clean, safe and sanitized.


What makes Outlaw Bootcamp unique is that we’ve taken a group training approach and applied it to the bootcamp industry. After more than 15 year of group fitness and personal training, we understand that one-on-one attention is key to your fitness success. Outlaw Bootcamp is a personalized experience in a group training environment. Every bootcamp class focuses on your fitness. We offer circuit-style training, functional training and multi-joint movements to utilize more muscle groups and burn more calories. And when all of it is put together in a 30-minute class, your bootcamp is also a cardiovascular training session. Outlaw Bootcamp offers a high-energy group environment in a fun and exciting atmosphere with upbeat music and motivating instructors.

Our bootcamps encompass more than seven modalities of training styles, all rolled into one 30-minute session. An Outlaw Bootcamp class may incorporate battle ropes, kickboxing, cable pulleys and suspension training, while another may use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebell, step aerobics, with some boxing thrown in. No matter the bootcamp, you can expect a well versed, always exciting workout that never gets dull and always pushes you to the next level.

There is only so much you can bring to an outdoor bootcamp held at a park or a parking lot. After a few months, workouts can become mundane and some people need to be pushed to go to the next level. The array of equipment offered in an Outlaw Bootcamp cannot be matched. You can lose weight and get toned no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Whether you want to lose 80-100 pounds, or you’re in great shape and want to add lean muscle, Outlaw Bootcamp is your answer

Indoor Bootcamp LIttle Elm
Indoor Bootcamp LIttle Elm
Indoor Bootcamp LIttle Elm


Boot Camp

  • Get introduced to the Outlaw Bootcamp training method through a bootcamp class
  • Train in a group setting using multiple training methods to keep your body seeing phenomenal results

V.I.P. Coaching

  • 1x/week 1-1 training session* per week with a personal trainer
  • Weekly Measurements
  • Personalized Nutrition Program
  • Structured Goal Setting

Group Training

  • Similar to our boot camp classes, but in a more personalized environment
  • Training with a smaller group of Outlaws, or create a group with family and friends!

Personal Training

  • For those that want to take their fitness to the next level, Personal Training involves dedicated 1-to-1 coaching
  • Enjoy personalized workouts and plans to help you achieve your fitness goals