No matter your fitness level we have a class just for you. 30 minute bootcamp classes are quick and effective workout designed to target a different muscle groups each day. We focus on anaerobic as well as aerobic style training to benefit from strength and conditioning. Keeping class fun is our specialty and always shocking the body with different training styles is what provides our members great results! We incorporate 7 different modalities of training styles to keep you burning calories long after you leave class. Outlaw Bootcamp is a great way to be family fit and train with your children, spouse, sibling, parents and friends. Our coaches are there to make you feel comfortable, included and safe during your workout keeping an eye on form and helping members improve for the best experience.

Also we offer 45 minute classes:

XTREME 45: A member favorite and similar to our 30 minute classes but longer duration of time doing movements that would be considered challenging. XTREME 45 is a great bootcamp class to work up to to test your strength and conditioning.

PURGATORY: Is a heated 45 minute class with advance movements for our members looking to challenge their workout and ability. Adding in a PURGATORY bootcamp once or twice a week will challenge you and your body!

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